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12 Dec 2001, 02:24
I'm curious about something

If VBB sends out the board registration every time someone uses the control panel and when they install the board (dunno if any other time, but anyways), then how come there is this big "show that you are a licensed user" thing? Wouldn't VBB be able to tell who is using an illegal version? I know that showing you are a licensed user allows you to enhance your board, but even if you could download the enhancements, vbb would still send out the registration info

Me confused.... :confused:

MODS: Delete this thread if it isn't appropriate. It just came to mind, so yeah, I had to ask...

12 Dec 2001, 06:17
Warez releases don't have the "call home" feature. Pirates aren't stupid, just bastards.

And besides, let's say I want to know if KickMyAss is licensed or not, but I have no idea what his forum URL is. How will I be able to know?