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13 Dec 2001, 23:56
Well I have something on my board that I just set up. To where if you donate to us, then you get a special icon under your name. I thought I knew how to add it, but it turned out I knew how to add it to everyone's name. I just want to add it to one person's name under their "Posts: XX" so that whenever they post, people will see it. I tried in the template postbit giving the img src, then followed by [userid=XX] but that didn't work...What do I do? Thanks!

14 Dec 2001, 03:35
What about a custom avatar you just set in the admin for those people...

Otherwise I'm pretty sure you have to code something in the script files (probably showthread.php).

probably didn't help @ all, but I tried :)

14 Dec 2001, 09:03
Mark is busy with a contribute hack: