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14 Dec 2001, 22:18

What programs do you use for your PHP Scripts?
Anything else i should know before i start?

15 Dec 2001, 03:59
What languages do you currently program in? That will give me a better idea of where to point you.


15 Dec 2001, 04:03
Qbasic is all i know.... :(

Mark Hensler
15 Dec 2001, 05:57
You program QBasic, and you want to learn PHP?

Well, I guess that's ok... for a moment I was going to point you to ASP, but QBasic isn't that complex a language (from what little I've heard), so you haven't been too poluted by M$. ;)

My only suggestion is to get very acquanted with the manual at php.net. Those User Contributed Notes can be life savers sometimes.

15 Dec 2001, 09:57
get php manual from here (http://www.php.net)
read it tats how i learned :)

15 Dec 2001, 11:17
You can do your php in notepad.. or if you want to get really fancy you can use Dreamweaver there is some freeware programs too (look on hotscripts.com/php).

I just bought about 4 php books :) and a 5th is in the mail to me as wee speak so i can learn sessions :). anyway. Also read up on the manual as stated.

15 Dec 2001, 15:36
Should I learn HTML first?

15 Dec 2001, 15:51
Might be helpful, as PHP is incorporated into HTML sometimes. I know HTML, and a few others, and getting ready to start into PHP as well :)

15 Dec 2001, 16:01

What programs do you use?
I heard something, eidt plus? before

15 Dec 2001, 22:19
um.. you MUST learn html before you learn php it will make things a lot easier.

16 Dec 2001, 00:58
editplus is really good http://www.editplus.com

Mark Hensler
16 Dec 2001, 07:03
I use EditPad Lite (http://www.editpadlite.com). :)

16 Dec 2001, 08:10
I use EditPlus as well.

To learn HTML:
http://www.webmasterbase.com/article/453 (I wrote this article ;)

To learn PHP:

16 Dec 2001, 19:28
yeah you gotta know html before you start with PHP
for editing i use PHPed by www.soysal.com or www.crimsoneditor.com the first is just great but has many bugs :(

16 Dec 2001, 19:46
Good Article James
I already know the basics of HTML, such as whats in that article
How much more do i need to know?

16 Dec 2001, 21:18
Originally posted by Dalius
Good Article James
I already know the basics of HTML, such as whats in that article
How much more do i need to know?

Thanks :) that's really all you need to know, but it's very handy to look at tables in much more depth. I would have gone into them in more depth in that tutorial but it was meant to be a beginner's one. Also look at things like lists, forms, and if possible very basic javascript.

16 Dec 2001, 22:52
just tried out editpad last night and i love it :). im gonna buy it :D.

Mark Hensler
17 Dec 2001, 05:26
EditPad or EditPlus?

I've been using EditPad Lite for a quite a while now. I completely forget that there was another version.

I just looked at EditPlus and downloaded it. It seems to be popular, so I'll try it out.

27 Dec 2001, 17:23
For real professional web work, Homesite by Allaire/Macromedia is the best web page tool, hands down. Better than Dreamweaver, EditPad (any version), Notepad (except for small little scripts).

Homesite is more expensive, however, which is why it is for professional web designers. It has the best color coding options on the market today, very customizable, and very easy to use.

Check out www.macromedia.com for more information about it.