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15 Dec 2001, 06:18
well i've uploaded my vbulletin on to a site, but there are "config.php" problems: I have not edited it.
I need help editing it.


// Please note that if you get any errors when connecting, //
// that you will need to email your host as we cannot tell //
// you what your specific values are supposed to be //

// type of database running
// (only mysql is supported at the moment)

// hostname or ip of server

// username and password to log onto db server

// name of database

//password needed to enter the control panel


MYSQL information:

Datasource password:*****
Passwords are synched
Datasource server:localhost
Datasource name:damantis site

that's basically all I know...

15 Dec 2001, 06:37
you need to have a password for the mysql database and a username that is associated to that password :).

Steve Machol
15 Dec 2001, 07:01
You also need to show you're a licensed customer by going here:


Once you've done that you should post your vB support questions at vbulletin.com - not here.

Mark Hensler
16 Dec 2001, 07:01
"Data Source Name" = DSN
That brings back memories of programming ASP & Microsoft SQL Server 7. Though I always used DSNless connections.

I believe that DSN is an ODBC only thing.

If you need ODBC support for mySQL, your gonna need root access to install it.

(mods: If you feel that this is undeserved help for an unlicensed user, feel free to remove it. I cannot see the license status, so I posted anyway.)

27 Dec 2001, 02:41
yeah that's an Access database alright...