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15 Dec 2001, 10:24
My question is to the developers of vbulletin. IF you have an owned licensed do you get hacks forever ? or do you have to pay the 30 per year afterwards to get hacks too?

I ask this cause if i get hacks forever i'll just buy an owned license when my current license expires ;)

Scott MacVicar
15 Dec 2001, 19:12
If you have an owned liscence, then you are entitled to run vBulletin on your server once the members area access has expired, so you are still liscenced to run vBulletin and hence you will still have access to the hacks.

If you get a leased liscence then once the year is up you should automatically remove your copy of vBulletin anyway.


15 Dec 2001, 21:17
I believe you get access to hacks for ever.

16 Dec 2001, 04:25
good thats how it should be :).