View Full Version : Mirror Of Vbulletin????

15 Dec 2001, 15:32
Well, this board script loox alot of vbulletin.... same ideas etc..


and the hacking site:

Only there is one BIG difference, this script is free ;)

16 Dec 2001, 20:02
A: vBull rip thats my opinion :rolleyes:

16 Dec 2001, 20:12
Their hacking site is butt ugly, lol

Mark Hensler
17 Dec 2001, 04:37
Originally posted by nuno
A: vBull rip thats my opinion :rolleyes: I concur.

I've not seen much vB code, but this looks very much alike to me.

17 Dec 2001, 19:57
Well, a mirror is an authorized replica ... the one at wotlab.com is a blatant rip ;)

But I voted for mirror anyway...

29 Dec 2001, 04:09
Before I purchased my copy of vB, I used woltlab mainly because it was free and looked a lot like vB. The admin for it is not nearly as good as vB's, and since it was originally written in German, it had to be translated to English, but the translation is not that good.