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17 Dec 2001, 08:35
Ok i just recently start a bulletin board and one - I'm looking for a mod or two, and two I am looking to promote the boards - however I cant get it to list in search engines and I dont wana get people from other BB to switch - so how would i go about doing this -

I have 50 members and have been up for aprox.3 months

17 Dec 2001, 09:04
If you want to add your forums to search engines, they take at least somethin like 4 weeks for them to even look at it. If you want to add your site to 15 search engines, then check out http://www.siteadd.com . ;) Catch me on AIM, Radon3k, or MSN, radon3k@hotmail.com :)

Edit: Help you out with color schemes too if you need it ;)

20 Dec 2001, 01:12
no that thats done - what else can be done to promote a site?