View Full Version : Is there really a php compiler?

17 Dec 2001, 20:30
i stumbled into a php file the other day.. it was not readable...
actually it was a binary.. i was told it was compiled php...
is there actually a php compiler???????

17 Dec 2001, 21:08
I think so...

I remember discussion about it back on the vBulletin Community Forums a while back.

Mark Hensler
18 Dec 2001, 05:14
I think that I read something about that a while ago in reference to PHP GTK. But I can't find it now..

Freddie Bingham
18 Dec 2001, 06:21

Only $2400 :greedy:

Mark Hensler
18 Dec 2001, 06:59
Good golly, what happened to Open Source? :rolleyes:

18 Dec 2001, 14:20
well i assume there is also a zend decompiler ;)