View Full Version : How can I set directory permissions for PHP to write to, on my own computer (win2K) ?

17 Dec 2001, 21:05
I have my own vB running on my own Windows2000 computer, with Apache installed, PHP 4 and MySQL installed, and that all works but I can't get PHP to write to directories. Anyone know how I can set permissions for PHP so that it can write files to my directory? (CHMOD (0)777)

Thanks in advance! :)

17 Dec 2001, 21:11
First off your vBulletin installation must be on an NTFS partition. If it's not you won't get it to work.

Go into my computer or windows explorer, and find your vBulletin directory. Right click on it and go to properties. Find the security tab. You should see lots of check boxes and a list of user accounts. Click the system account. Then check off under the allow column full control.

Now find the users account. Check off full control under the allow column again.

Be aware that this method allows anyone with a user account on your computer to write to that directory. Of course I'm assuming your not running a hosting service or anything so you should be fine.

17 Dec 2001, 21:18
Crap, all my harddrives are FAT32 :(

Thanks a lot anyway, though. :):up: Guess I'll have to try 'm out online... :/

19 Dec 2001, 18:00
nonono it doesnt have to be NTFS dude :)
for as i know u just go to IIS properties and in the promissions u need to check [x] Write hope this helps worked for me anyway :)

19 Dec 2001, 18:02
ohh u had apache.. sorry though u had IIS