View Full Version : Making the subject line capable of working like the message line or...

19 Dec 2001, 03:03
Ok I'm attempting a heavy customization of vb. The one piece of the puzzle I can't fix is getting the subject line to work like the message field. I've gotten it to work expect when a line ends like this...

It just puts it on one line. This is the only stumper we've got :( Everything else worked fine.

Mark Hensler
19 Dec 2001, 03:47
You mean when it has a carrage return?

try nl2br() (http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.nl2br.php)

19 Dec 2001, 12:41
Sorry yeah carriage return. Unfrotunately I'm not very good at php and I've been looking for the differences between the message and the subject, but I have no clue even where to look to even look for where you put something to allow carriage returns in the subject line. :(

Mark Hensler
19 Dec 2001, 17:12
Are you still using a text input box? You need to use a <textarea> to allow carrage returns. Then to display them when you print it out, you'll need to use the nl2br() PHP function.

20 Dec 2001, 00:12
Yup I got the textarea tags and everything a ok and I do understand what I gotta do now. I just can't find where I gotta do :( Unfortunately I've found title piece in showthread, newthread, and admin/functions.php So I don't know which one has to be edited to work