View Full Version : Front Line Force

21 Dec 2001, 03:45
anybody play to FLF here ?

i saw someone with FireFly as pseudo is our FirehackerFly ? :D

Mark Hensler
21 Dec 2001, 04:09
I played that a little bit a while ago. I play Counter-Strike (http://counter-strike.net/) and Day of Defeat (http://www.dayofdefeatmod.com) mostly now.

I've also played some Existance (http://www.whatisexistence.com/), a bit like Action Quake 2 (http://action.telefragged.com/). Existance is still in beta, so I got a bit board of the mod, but when it's finished I may play it more.

For Quake 3, I recommend Urban Terror (http://urbanterror.net/). Pretty good. The Q3 engine really is better than the HL (or Q2) engine, so the maps look great. The mod is similar to CS, but a bit faster game play.

Anyone else here a gamer?
Anyone use GameSpy?

21 Dec 2001, 04:12
i play to FLF DoD or CS
i try urban terror but don't like

Existence is pretty good but the maps are too big

but i enjoy in FLF and i wait the 1.5 version :D