View Full Version : Just Curious.....

21 Dec 2001, 11:17
Since I can in no way see all the vBulletin sites out there so i dunno if it is happening or not, but why does'nt vBulletin giveaway free licenses or free leased licenses? I am not talking about every day or week but maybe once a month a free leased license (it would *probably* lead someone to buy it after that).

I just think it would be promotion for an already great board and as said above it would probably lead to someone buy a full license when the leased one runs out.

I did notice that sinecure (I believe) was running a contest with such as thing as a giveaway.

Did you do that from your own pocket or is vBulletin supplying you with it to the winner? Just curious on that one....

Anyway, any reason this is not happening here or at vb.com?

21 Dec 2001, 12:58
Well, ok, it could be with a contest. But just a giveaway shouldn't be an idea. I think this is more a marketing question.

21 Dec 2001, 13:23
there is big update for vb every year or 6 months (i.e 2.0, 2.2) if you have 1 month free you will have like a semi license so and i don't think that people will paid for 1 year if someone could have free vb like this