View Full Version : Small problem on this site

21 Dec 2001, 18:57
Looks like the PM popup is not working ...

21 Dec 2001, 18:58
I get PM popups here.

21 Dec 2001, 19:03
Works fine here

21 Dec 2001, 19:41
I apologize then. I had sent one to myself and did not get it. Then someone sent me one and I accessed it by using the email link, and of course that did not popup since I went straight in the box. Again I am sorry for misleading. I am simply desperate because I cannot get it to work on my site. Can someone please give me a pointer where those files that triggers the PM are located so I could try to look at the problem? functions.php, index.php or...?

Thank you

Wayne Luke
22 Dec 2001, 15:58
It is located in global.php and in admin/functions.php in the "dooutput()" function.

22 Dec 2001, 16:11
I solved the problem. Another hack was causing the malfunction. It worked as soon as I removed it.