View Full Version : i've got some problem

22 Dec 2001, 17:29
i've got some problem with forum - after registration i can login, but....i can't download files, when i try to do it, the system says that i'm not registered user !
what i must do ?

22 Dec 2001, 18:32
You need to go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. (you will need to use your customer number and password to access that page)

22 Dec 2001, 19:12
it says, that my password is incorrect....and when i try to use function remember with email, it says.....that my mail is incorrect !
w o w :mad:
may be....i must try to register again.....? how ?

22 Dec 2001, 20:05
are you trying to login with your forum username? That won't work. You need to use your member number and the associated password.

p.s. Firefly, you should probably work on that standard message of yours so that it makes it explictly clear to these guys to login with their member numbers and member passwords.

23 Dec 2001, 08:05
no, i try to login with my ID number in the login form adn my password in the password form ! :confused:

23 Dec 2001, 10:17
You need to log in with the Customer Number and Password you received when you purchased vBulletin.

23 Dec 2001, 10:19
yes....i know but it doen't work :mad:

23 Dec 2001, 19:54
Try loggin into vB's main support and see if that works:


then if it does, email one of the admins. if it doesn't, then post on the vbulletin.com forums, or email support@vbulletin.com