View Full Version : Licenced Customers

Lotus Ims
24 Dec 2001, 00:40
I would put a hack in the user's profile to show other members if they a re a registered vB member or not. It would be something like:

Licenced vBulletin Customer - Yes or No

This would take a load off of the moderators to answer questions. it would also let people know who to help and who not to.

Just a suggestion, but I think it would be good.

Mark Hensler
24 Dec 2001, 05:17
Then the pirates know who to nag... 8[

24 Dec 2001, 09:01
This has been discussed before. Not going to happen due to privacy concerns I'm afraid.

26 Dec 2001, 23:16
Yeah. I don't want the warez peeps to be PM'n me "can I get a copy of vBulletin or some hacks off you" - "C'Mon, I know your a registered customer".


Reeve of shinra
27 Dec 2001, 02:45
LOL - they do that anyway.