View Full Version : you have the same problem that I have

26 Dec 2001, 04:39
When you click the little magnifier next to someone's name to view all the posts by that user, if he is a guest, then the query pulls all guests posts. :D :D :D :rolleyes: :eek:

Freddie Bingham
26 Dec 2001, 04:46
That is the way vBulletin functions. I assume you are the same person who was posting about this on the .com?

26 Dec 2001, 04:49
I turned to the hackers to see if a smart one could come with a solution. :D :D

VB is the best board out there and that little problem is annoying, putting a cloud into perfection.

Freddie Bingham
26 Dec 2001, 04:58
Changing the system to track every guest via their username is going to be a rather major change across several files that will be hard for you to maintain over upgrades.

Also since a guest can choose a name that other guests have used what is the real benefit to it? So you can now pull up all posts by a guest named "Bob". Doesn't mean that the same "Bob" made all of those posts.

26 Dec 2001, 12:12
we could have something like : This user is a guest and we do not track guests.

Instead of pulling of the WRONG information

26 Dec 2001, 23:15
Just deny guest posts. Make everyone register.