View Full Version : Publicly Displayed Names?

26 Dec 2001, 15:17
Tomorrow I will be sending off my money and details for vBulletin :) (I live in the UK) and while I wait for my license details I was just wondering if there was a hack that would allow a user to have a Publicy Displayed Name, Like UBB 6?

PS, I would have posted in the requests forum, but I'm not licensed (yet ;))

Reeve of shinra
26 Dec 2001, 15:56
Yes its possible to do that. It takes just a few relatively quick modifications. Let us know when you get your VB installed so we can walk you through it.

26 Dec 2001, 15:58
OK :)

Does this Dev. Network have competitions (for best forums, designs etc)? If so what can be won (At UBBDev I know they had speakers and extensions to liceneses)


03 Jan 2002, 21:43
Right, I have now registered my details...

So how would I go about adding Publicly displayed names? I have not got a board up yet, I am still waiting for the server to be switched to *Nix.

If required I can set up board on my PC for now however it would not be available to the public.