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27 Dec 2001, 18:09
Maybe I missed it but is there a list of published hacks built into vB.org? If not, how about making one? Something like:
Hacks used in vB.org
Hack name Description Hacker Link to Hack
What do you think?


27 Dec 2001, 18:23
Unfortunately I haven't kept any track of hacks I installed here - sorry.
Also, most of the stuff you see is custom code that was prepared especially for this forum, and I can't even name these features, let alone list them all.

I attached an .html file, download and view it.
It's taken from my own profile, and I would say it lists around 60% of the hacks we use here.
Actually I'll just upload it to the server, there you go:
This list is NOT updated. At all.

Scott can you please e-mail or PM me? Thanks. :)