View Full Version : yet anothe topic on licensed members

29 Dec 2001, 19:50
we don't want the fact that we are licensed to show up, but would it be possible for licensed people that have entered the info to see who else is licensed?

this way we don't get bugged by warez kiddies, and we don't inadvertantly help them either

30 Dec 2001, 04:34
i wonder how in the world do they get hacks from vbulletin.org :rolleyes:
just by guessing i would say that its from licensed members

30 Dec 2001, 06:12
Alot of these people you refer as "warez kiddies" have their own license....and how they get the hacks? Easy, how many people are registered here...they get leaked just like any other thing.

30 Dec 2001, 07:21
Unlicensed users cannot post in any of the forums under Full Releases. Beyond that if you have a question, ask a mod or an admin if the user seems less than legit.

The short answer is no, we will not be showing who is licensed to anyone outside of moderators/administrators.