View Full Version : When will Jelsoft send my details!

29 Dec 2001, 21:23
I sent off my cheque and "cover slip" on Thursday using First Class stamp.

They said within two working days - So I suppose that would mean Friday and today?

Or will they send my details tomorrow? Please help as I am waiting so I can install my new forum!!! :D

30 Dec 2001, 05:57
Two working days from the day that it is received. In addition it is sent to DigiBuy who then tells us that they have received payment. DigiBuy is in the US so it will take a few days to get it from where you are (UK?) to the US, then two more days beyond that.

Also Saturday is not a working day. Monday through Friday only, not including holidays (so next Monday and Tuesday are not working days).

30 Dec 2001, 09:54
Kevin - I believe John sent his cheque directly to James in UK instead of to DigiBuy in $. You should have your details Monday or Tuesday - if not, please feel free to send an email to licenses@vbulletin.com to find out the status.

30 Dec 2001, 10:55
Yep, I sent my details and cheque directly to the UK offices :)