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02 Jan 2002, 08:13
I am very busy with moving the board to a new server. I had the backup .sql file on my comp. I uploaded the .sql file to my new server and used telnet to bring the querys to my database. After that i uploaded all the php files and changed the config.php to the new database of the new server. Now everything works great, hacks still ok but i need to relogin every time on every action. I changed in the admin the cookie path to that domain, i changed the vb url, site url. I also tried to delete my cookies thru internet options but still no luck.

Does someone have a solution for this problem?

*And yes, this has 2 be posted on vbulletin.com but i thought maybe someone here on vb.org can help me out* ;)

02 Jan 2002, 08:17

02 Jan 2002, 09:01
Thanks for the reply, but...

Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies) is set to yes
Browse board with cookies? is set to yes


02 Jan 2002, 23:02
in your admin page, you will need to set the cookie domain to nothing. that should fix it.


03 Jan 2002, 15:09
Thanks for the reply but...

i set the cookie domain to nothing and still i have 2 login on every action :(

03 Jan 2002, 15:10
did you change browsers? IE 6.0 could be giving you issues. Is everyone on the board having problems or just you?


03 Jan 2002, 15:21
I moved the board to a new host and noone else knows the url so i'm the only one on the board at the moment.

And yes i'm using IE6.0 but didnt changed browsers. I'm using 6.0 a long time.

Also, on every link the sessionhash number dont works (s=).

03 Jan 2002, 15:24
Here is the url:
Forum (http://www.outlawznation.com/board)

03 Jan 2002, 15:35
Did you add the new domain to the list of approved domains for cookies in IE 6?


03 Jan 2002, 15:36

03 Jan 2002, 15:50
I'm having the same problem on your new board, and I am using IE 5.

When I moved my board a while back, I had the same problem. I originally had the cookie domain set up to my old domain, and when I moved, this happened.

If I recall correctly, there are two places in the database that store this value. If you can, go to the admin control panel, and make sure that the cookie domain is set to blank, and then submit the options.

If you can't get into the admin control panel, try dumping all of your cookies and then logging in to the control panel. Immediately clear out the cookie domain option and reset it. You don't really need that cookie domain set, and it causes a lot of grief when you try to move servers.

There are some threads on .com describing this problem, and how to solve it. I used them to resolve my issues last summer.


03 Jan 2002, 15:54
Here ya go. Do what Martin said:



03 Jan 2002, 16:06
Thank you so much amykhar, that helped.