View Full Version : I need a good directory script!

02 Jan 2002, 21:41
I need a good link index (directory) script for my site. The best case senario would be something that worked with my vBulletin but I suppose that is asking a bit much.

Any suggestions?

I have been running Hyperseek but I finally had enough of the CGI thing.

02 Jan 2002, 21:49
Try vBLinks in the Full Releases forum. I like it. :)

02 Jan 2002, 22:09
Is there a way to see vBlinks in action?

03 Jan 2002, 10:24
In-Link is a good one. There's a hack in the hacks forum to integrate it with vBulletin by wajones. You can see it in action at my site (see my sig). It's integrated to vbPortal but it's almost the same with vBulletin. You can get it at http://www.in-link.net
It costs but it's worth the money.

05 Jan 2002, 12:55
I use http://www.indexu.com - you can see mine at http://www.veggieboards.com (please ignore the rather generic main page). I believe it's $99.