View Full Version : hack thoughts from a newbie

07 Jan 2002, 14:15
Very new to V-bulletin but just wanted to put some of my thoughts across.

First up I'm very impressed especially with everyones dedication and support for the product. Top marks!

Anyway I have only used a few similar products before where users create their own hacks to modify the code to do what they want, ubb (same style as vb) and a prog called newspro. Newspro however had a very cool addition called an add-on manager so you could easily see what hacks you had added to your main program and they were very easy to add and remove. Is this not possible with a package of VB's size?

As a complete novice I'm finding all the hacks quite daunting, not that I don't think I can install them in fact I'm sure I can but more like where to begin? I'm browsing through all the hacks that everyone has made and thinking ooh that sounds good I'll try that etc etc. Has noone made a way to install a selection of hacks all at once? (probably very difficult I guess?) Or is this what happens when you release new versions the best hacks become standard features anyway?

Can anyone point me to the best hacks that they would say I should be installing? maybe there favourite ones? is there a comprehensive list anywhere?