View Full Version : Different smilies/post icons for different styles?

08 Jan 2002, 01:11
I'm just wondering if it's possible to have different smilie sets and different post icons for each style. Not actual differences in terms of what smilies and post icons can be used, but just having the style look for the smilies or post icons in the respective style images folder (images/wackystyle/smilies for example).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

08 Jan 2002, 01:38
Some people have said something about {imagesfolder} or something, I beleive it was Firefly. I have seriously spent hours trying to figure out a way. Wouldn't it just make sense that the smilies would only corrosponde to a certain images directory?? Rather then just 1 pair on the default? The only requests I have for the new version of vbulletin, are to change the breadcrumbs so they are used on ALL templates, and also make it so you can have a different set of smilies for each {imagesfolder}.

ahh, now I've vented my frustrations :)

08 Jan 2002, 01:42
Yea, it really is frustrating not having custom smilies for each style. Especially with colour clashes and the like..

08 Jan 2002, 03:25
Why donīt you build a new replacement set for each style and there define a different img dir ( {imagesfolder} ) for every styleset??

I never need or tried it but that comes to my mind in the instand I read your request!

Does it work???



08 Jan 2002, 14:21
In every smilie, use {imagesfolder} instead of images and you'll be fine.

18 Mar 2002, 15:10
Sorry this is an old thread, but has anyone got a more graceful solution to this? I tried having {imagesfolder}/mystyle as the path to each smilie, but it didn't take it. Smilies treated like templates and replacement sets would really be the ideal solution imo.

18 Mar 2002, 15:52
Use {imagesfolder}, not what I pasted. vBulletin pasred my asnwer. :)

18 Mar 2002, 18:05
lol, thats what I typed there too.

That is what I tried, but it doesnt parse it as you'd expect - it does in the control panel but not in the forum, i literally get <img src=http://domain.com/{imagesfolder}/mystyle/smile.gif>

18 Mar 2002, 18:12
See the 'fix' thread by smachol in the Releases forum. :)

18 Mar 2002, 18:38
Thats Excellent, thanks alot :)

31 Jan 2007, 21:46
I know this thread is old but how do I fix this problem. I could not find the 'fix' thread by smachol in the Releases forum.

01 Feb 2007, 00:44

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