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09 Jan 2002, 15:47
Seeing as I got zero response from my previous post, I will try again.

I was formerly subscribed to a thread on this forum, and whenever I would get an email about the thread, there'd be a link to magically transport me to the thread. The only problem is on the way I would get lost, and get a big old ugly HTTP Error 400. Seeing as this link is being auto-generated, I would think that it's a problem with the site, no? Anyway, here is how the link appears in the email: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?threadid=22599&goto=newpost

Go ahead, click on it.

Anyway, two things... first of all, if this is not the appropriate place to be trying to get help with the site, let me know and I'll gladly put it elsewhere. Second, please don't ignore posts when someone has a technical concern about the site. My last post sat idle with no reponses and then lo and behold, two people posted that they were having similiar problems after me and they both got a response. And yes, now the problem is fixed. However, as I understand it, this forum is "tightly integrated" with the vbulletin support contract, which I do have. To just have a problem (which was a problem on your end) ignored is disappointing to say the least. The purpose of my vbulletin forum when it goes live will be to help my clients get better technical support for our products... I would certainly not ignore their requests, and would appreciate the same kind of treatment from this site since I am a "client". A simple "We'll look in to it" or a link to where the resolution is discussed (as you furnished to some other poor soul who had posted about the problem) would be sooooo much better. Thank you, and I will now step off my soap box.

10 Jan 2002, 01:13
i dont get any 404 page :confused:

10 Jan 2002, 11:21
If that link is working perfectly fine for me (and nuno and I'm sure for others as well), how can we fix it?

14 Jan 2002, 20:19
It simply does not work for me. It is an error 400...
If I remove the "&goto=newpost" then it works and goes to the beginning of the thread. There's gotta be something causing it. My firewall/proxy? Perhaps. It DOES work from a different site but will not work for anyone within my organization. Maybe at this point I need to move over to the .com site and seek some advice, but I'm not convinced it's a problem with the system as whole. What I would like to know are the users that are behind a firewall trying to access MY site going to experience that error? I can't test it out at this point because my sendmail server isn't operational yet, so some insight would be greatly appreciated.

FireFly, I don't get your attitude one bit. Do you TRY to be antagonistic? Answering a request for help with a sarcastic question is really not appropriate, I would think. nuno at least kept off the sarcasm bus. There IS a problem somewhere, and copping an attitude is not going to help anyone understand what is going on. Whether the problem is with our entire network or with the way your site acts or a combination, it would be helpful to get things ironed out a little.