View Full Version : Help Wanted / Consultants forum

15 Jan 2002, 16:39
I'd guess that there would be some interest in a Help Wanted / Consultants forum here for vBulletin coding. What do you think?

15 Jan 2002, 16:56
Well we already have the Hacking Tips and Tricks forum (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=20), are you talking about something else? :)

15 Jan 2002, 17:20
I am talking about a place where people could post Help Wanted requests (for hire) and Consultants could post [b]Available for Work[b/]. I noticed a few posts asking for someone to do work for hire, and several people jumped on it and posted their email address. I think that there may be a desire to have a specific place for this...

15 Jan 2002, 17:42
Like a "Classifieds" forum? People started auctioning off things at vbulletin.com and offering their services, but it became nothing more then a debat about prices, stealing stuff etc.. :rolleyes:

15 Jan 2002, 18:08
Been there, done that? Too bad...