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26 Jan 2002, 02:49
i kinda have to laugh when i go through some of the posts here cuz i see the same things being said so regularly:

"please go to this page and enter in your registration/customer numbers"
"are you a registered member? go here and enter your ****"

and so on....

i haven't seen anywhere on this website that states "You must be a registered member WITH a valid registration number to view, post, or take part in this website".....yet i see in so many posts that the mods or admins and even the members are telling other members this. If you are soooooooo against piraters (since if someone is on this site and haven't entered in their reg number, they MUST be a pirater...not just a guy that wants to learn more about vB or read coding to see how it was done and so on). If your so hell bent on having people enter in their reg numbers from their purchased copy of vB, then why don't you save yourself the ****ing hassle, add in some new registration profile fields that have your name and number and require the registree to enter it in before they become a registered user on this site?...and also turn off guest viewing?? to me this is the logical way of handling this situation cuz it seems if a request is made that is wierd or different.....WAREZ....no ifs ands or buts.

btw, before you ask that dumb question...i do not own a copy of vB so therefore i cannot go to that page to enter in a reg number.

my 2 cents.