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03 Feb 2002, 03:01
It's dying very fast. Members don't join, people don't post. It's dying. Because I don't have one topic for my site. I want one, and I will get one, and I have an idea for one. I was told to make it something I like, instead of trying to appeal to everyone. It was computers and stuff, but it moved towards the topic of warez, so I changed it to computer help, and everyone left. I added various topics to generate traffic, no luck. I'm running out of options. There are 3 things I'm good with. Computers (but everybody and their brother has a computer forum, so no thx), the Military, and Aviation. I want to change the forums to a military tone, but I'm not sure how much site traffic that would generate. What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Do you think it would work? How about any suggestions at all? Thanks for the input! :)

Mark Hensler
03 Feb 2002, 05:34
I live in San Diego, CA. A big military city. :) (I think we're the biggest on the west coast)

I think that if designed right, you could draw some nice traffic. Military personnel often go out for 3-9 months, and have difficulty comminicating with family. I doubt that people would use forums to send personal messages to family, but it may be a nice place for the general public to send messages to military overseas.

You could also have a Rant&Rave for people to discuss politics and whatnot.

03 Feb 2002, 05:56
Yeah I've thought about throwing in a politics chat or somethin like that in there. So would you support a military forum of some sort? Would you (not saying you have to, I'm posing a hypothetical situation for you right now) go to it, participate, be an active member and get others to join?

03 Feb 2002, 06:06
I may not be an expert, but my board seems to have hit the bullseye with just throwing everything into a hat. So far covering General discussion, Voting, Gaming, Music, Sports, Wrestling, ranting, current events, game systems, etc. Perhaps try that? It's working for me...just over a week live and so far at 46 members and 1300+ posts(good considering I haven't done much advertising:o)

03 Feb 2002, 06:09
Ok I wanna scream and yell.....How did you get that many members and that many posts in that short of a time span? That's what our site is right now, a bunch of hog-wash into one forum, and we're not getting any traffic at all...HOW DID YOU DO THAT??? Please assist!! Thanks!

03 Feb 2002, 06:17
well, it all sort of came together when I told a friend of mine about it, he spread the word and now people just keep coming and posting....it's actually kind of fun considering he's doing all the advertising for me:D perhaps if you were to tell some friends and get them to spread the word? It seems to work for me....

03 Feb 2002, 06:18
I've done that, and all of my active members (like a whole 6) are telling people, but no luck so far....geez....I need site traffic badly.......:(

03 Feb 2002, 06:20
My site has done very well, well 1,000 post (not quite as good as 1300); but I must say the best way to get new members is by friends telling friends.. You can post links everywhere and get a couple of members but if you tell 5 friends and they tell a couple people....

03 Feb 2002, 06:23
Yeah I've been doing that, but again, it's not working too well...Ahhh...I don't know what to do :( Been up since November too

03 Feb 2002, 06:26
well, a possible colaboration with other boards might also work? You could join with administrators at other boards and switch links, that way, whomever you colaborate with and yourself will both get more members.(I've been trying to do this...but it seems no one else is big on the idea of colaborating...)