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07 Feb 2002, 12:03
I want to setup a server on my harddrive, with PHP and MySQL so that i can setup vb on my hardrive for testing purposes.

I have vb on the net over at www.mobile-forum.co.uk but i want something to test install hacks on etc.

can someone please help me?

I have an AMD Duron 800, 192mb RAM, 10.2gb HDD and all the time in the world.

I am not wanting to host my own forums of my own computer having a 56k dial-up connection...

Thanks in advanced

07 Feb 2002, 12:27
This article will help you to install php and mysql on your computer:


07 Feb 2002, 13:15
looks good thanks

i have my 60gb hdd coming, do you think i should create a 512mb partition or something to put all this on, so it doenst clog up my C drive which has windows xp on it?

07 Feb 2002, 13:30
Yes, thats always good :up:

10 Feb 2002, 20:50
How secure would my system be with all this on?

Can anyone just goto http://mycurrentip:80 and access the server?

11 Feb 2002, 10:36
Yup, but you can stop that. I use IIS and Chris S. showed a neat way to block everyone who tried to access my server (only I can using http://localhost/). :)

11 Feb 2002, 11:05
Which is better then? Apache or IIS ?

IIS comes with WindowsXP and I bet there are loads of patches for it no?

PS, there are two Chris S' on this site, which one is it please so I may contact him :D

11 Feb 2002, 11:12
I used to use Apache before my last format, but I decided to give IIS a try and personally I like it better... my system starts up and shuts down a lot faster now. :)

11 Feb 2002, 11:43
thanks but, which chris s are you on about :D

thanks for your help!