View Full Version : vportal?

09 Feb 2002, 06:12
I need help, hehe I dont know where to post so I just posted here, and I know some of you guys have it. I know it's not vBportal support forum here but can you guys just help me if you can


that's my vportalmy question is how do you fix the link to my forum, like what template or file :confused: , and then on the right side where it says news categories, and then it says not installed. How do I installed this, and that's all my question so far hehe please help me and thanks for replying

09 Feb 2002, 08:56
I think you will get better response at the vbPortal forums...

09 Feb 2002, 13:03
dammit, hehe I Think they will say like you're not a contributing member but let me try

Steve Machol
09 Feb 2002, 16:25
Then maybe you should contribute. Just a thought!