View Full Version : Suggestion for new forum addition

18 Feb 2002, 16:14
Recently, i have hired out programmers to assist with hacks/modifications/general programming in the process of improving my site.

However, if i may be so bold....the requests that i have made in seeking assistance have usually been buried under the requests of those who are seeking free advice.

I think it would be of HUGE benefit to both the vb hackers and the site owners, if vbulletin.org could add a forum for job requests to be posted and/or coders to post their availability (this would be REALLY cool, since hopefully users who have hired a coder could actually post replies stating their level of satisfaction with the work done.

I have hired many.....some flat out overcharged and did the job very shabbily. One does OUTSTANDING work, is reasonably priced, but works sporadically, and thus is not always able to work when i need him. A couple more vary from ok to good, a bit on the pricey side, and have unreliable "deadline" responses.

I am honest....I am running my site and making money, wanting to find honest help.....i REALLY hope vb.org will consider helping me in this goal.....