View Full Version : Multicity now charging...

21 Feb 2002, 15:38
If you haven't received the news, Multicity will now be charging for their services. Not a bad price either, $2.95 basic rate for chat, forums, and polls but being as I have 2 out of the three with vb....

Dilemma, what other free chat services are out there that we can implement with vb?

Reeve of shinra
21 Feb 2002, 16:16
we use aim chat rooms ... no moderation, but free and easy

21 Feb 2002, 22:30
www.jirc.com has a nice java chat, i use it on my site ( www.rpgutopia.net/jirc/chat4.html ) its irc only though

23 Feb 2002, 00:23
If you need a simple, free, and IRC-based chatroom, try QuickChat.org. :D

23 Feb 2002, 02:33
I'll give these a check, not sure about IRC though. I'm not much of a chatter so don't really know anything about it.. something new to learn, whooppee :D

24 Mar 2002, 20:10
MultiCity was crap when it was free.
It's crap now that they charge for it.

www.webmaster.com baby. Great free chat.

27 Mar 2002, 11:30
Depends on the user really, as if you are mose so functionally inclined then irc type chats give you plenty to amuse youreself with. Others just want to chat and have the basics, and yes it sucks how Multichat has set up their pricing as that basic chatroom that you have to pay 2.95/mth for 12 mths upfront doesnt even give you 1 admin access for the room.