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21 Feb 2002, 23:59
FireFly, do not understand wrong the expression in the title. i respect your hard work in those forums and the hacks you make are always great.

although i have a suggestion. only in Full Releases area you should disable the bbmember hack. i want you to read this thread:

i work hard in every script i make and i get excited, because i'm new to this community. i try to come up with ideas that can be develloped by other also in better ways.

unfortunatelly, the people don't seem to see it this way. instead of making contructive critiques at my work, they call my work super lame and on top of that, they decide to make fun of me.

i dont feel insulted. is ok. but i will never say bad things about someone elses work or laugh at him. i'm modest and simple. did you know, all of you that i stayed awake until 4am in the morning just to improve and modify this hack? i put passion in the work i do. as a reward, i'm called lamer and treated as a clown.

to all of you who will read this post, i hope you see that i respect equally every each one of you. i do not put people down. i do not call their work lame. i do not make fun of them. I DO threat them as persons, from who i can learn something, because every member in this community have a quality: he(she) is willing to help. almost all of them.

anyway. i wanted to thank PPN and FireFly for their good spirit and heart. they helped me alot and they encouraged me in my work by giving me directions and being friendly.

i decided not to post anymore any hack here on those forums.
if people dont know how to communicate, i understand. is their way how to deal with people and is not my place to tell them how and why to do things.

one more time, i want to thank you all for everything and how you welcomed me here. i wish you good luck with all your projects, specially when VB is getting close to become the best piece of PHP code out there (3.0 release).

for those of you who read this post late, FireFly deleted some of the posts and you cannot see the way i was called.

Mark Hensler
22 Feb 2002, 05:05
I too am begining to become annoyed by that bbusername hack. I just think that people are starting to abuse it.

I'm sorry that you feel insulted. I hope that you will reconsider your decision to withold your hacks.


22 Feb 2002, 07:59
well i dont know wtf is going on but i find my nick being branded all over this board from the above mentioned thread
bbusername can sum1 explain this to me
i am very annoyed in fact if i dont recieve satisfactory response im gonna be very p|$$£))
iv payed good money for vbulletin and axx to this forum guess i may be complaining to vbulletin.com sum1 evens says i owe vb money wtf wtf wtf
nakkid i hope u change your mind regarding your posting i for 1 am very interested in your vbhome addon dont let the losers win m8
k vbulletin.org im waiting 4 an explanation

22 Feb 2002, 08:21
Read this thread and you know:
I hope your german is good enough to translate the following text for yourself:

Ich ersuche Dich dringend Deinen { bbusername } Hack aus diesem Forum zu entfernen. Leider ist das Niveau dieses zugegeben lustigen Hacks sehr stark gefallen und gleicht fast dem eines Kindergartens. Durch das disziplinlose Verhalten einiger User wurde mindestens einer dazu gebracht sich aus diesem Forum zu "schleichen" (auf gut wienerisch).

Weiters muss ich NAKKID Recht geben, wenn ich einen Hack nicht mag muss ich nicht unbedingt "super lame" dazuschreiben (was das auch immer bedeutet, ich bin mit umgangssprachlichen vorstadtenglisch nicht vertraut), dann halte ich mich zurück und schreibe gar nichts.
Originally posted by voogru
****** <!-- auto name hack --> is a silly bear!
Solche Postings sind nicht wirklich die Feinsten, ich schätze das so eine Meldung eher von einen vorpupertären Jüngling als von einem vernünftigen erwachsenen Menschen stammt.

Ich schreibe die Usernamen bewusst in Grossbuchstaben um die richtigen User anzusprechen!

Du hast leider einen Moloch auf dieses Forum losgelassen und deshalb ersuche ich Dich nocheinmal dieser Unsitte, die hier eingerissen ist, Einhalt zu gebieten.

Mit freudlichen Grüssen aus Wien
Wolfgang aka WOLF42

Scott MacVicar
22 Feb 2002, 08:22
I think we should consider limiting the bbusername replacement variable to certain forums, its definately not something we need for any of the main forums and it's ended up being abused by a view lamers.
If you don't plan to release your hacks then it becomes alot easier, you don't have to provide support for one thing.

22 Feb 2002, 08:53
ah ok i c now lol hmm cud be quite confusing wen u see your username mentioned in threads uv not been newere near
but ye it can make funny reading

22 Feb 2002, 11:14
Well, I agree what the bbusername hack is concerned. It can be funny if used for the first time and in no serious threads. But if it's used like that, it's bad. I also call that abuse. I think it's better to be removed if it gets used this way. It's sad that it gets to this only because some people have to abuse it...

22 Feb 2002, 14:58
nakkid - first I'm sorry about your desicion and hope you change it soon.
Obviously I did a big mistake. Tried to make things here a bit more fun and people are instead just abusing that... gonna learn their lesson soon.

Wolf42 - I don't know a word in German.

The hack will be limited to be used by mods and admins soon. As soon as I get the password for the site (heh) I will do it.

Again sorry you feel this way nakkid, but I can't say I blame you. I edited that thread of yours and removed the stupid posts.

Scott MacVicar
22 Feb 2002, 15:01
cool, though I think its a great toy still :)

**plays with it**

22 Feb 2002, 15:17
Originally posted by FireFly
Wolf42 - I don't know a word in German.

Try the "German to English"-translation, it is not too bad, but some things will be not or wrong translated. But the meaning is almost the same.

22 Feb 2002, 22:45
I said your hack was lame, not you. I should take that back as it isn't very constructive - and I didn't mean to put you down. I simply hate popups, so for me the end result is a bad thing.

Maybe look for alternative ways to catch the users attention - having a different icon/colour is one way which has been done already.

Sorry dude.

23 Feb 2002, 03:04
I can't say I blame your decision but I also must say that you shouldn't let a few individuals or their posts ruin your view and support of the vB hack community. I know I have appreciated your help.

23 Feb 2002, 03:15
don't let the stupid lamers get to you... I hope that you continue to make hacks in the future. I like your vbpopup. :D

23 Feb 2002, 03:40
I agree with those that posted about the BBUsername hack, it got out of hand really fast. I like the hack FireFly, it is neat and it does bring fun into the forums and your decision to only allow mods and admins to use it is probably best.

As for Nakkid, you should not worry about those that do not like you hack or about those are rude, just simply ignore their posts or if you feel the post should be removed, contact one of the mods/admins I am sure they would be glad to remove it (as firefly did) if it is of no use.

I for one wish had the degree that most all of these vB hackers had to make hacks and whip them up rather fast as well as find time to provide support, but I do not. I do not have the time to learn PHP/MySQL, but one day I will find the time to do so, in the mean time I have to depend on all the currect and upcoming hackers here ;).

I think you should continue to release your hacks, ignore those that post derogatory remarks about the hacks or you in general. :)

Just my 2 cents


23 Feb 2002, 06:04
I saw the hack he designed originally and debate using it for a while. But as I started reading through the thread I realized everyone started using the name hack again. Because of that reason I restricted access to who could use it.

Right now he is doing a tremendous favor for me by helping me out with a major problem I am having. The knowledge that this guy can share will be beneficial for all.

Firefly, thank you for doing away with allowing the users to use the hack. As much as I loved it and as much as I had fun with it, even on my board I realized that it shouldn't stay.

The whole thing on people flaming him for his hack is just wrong. We have a no flaming policy on our board. We ban them if they can't understand that. Everyone, show respect for everyone on here. It is because of people like nakkid that we are able to make our board better and unique. Just because you don't like 1 hack, doesn't mean you won't like the next.

23 Feb 2002, 15:00
I whole heartily agree. If I don't like or agree with a hack, I don't install it nor do I comment on it. Things are taken the wrong way nowadays. What ever happened to the good ole days when if you didn't like something, you ignored it? :(

Cool hack Nakkid.


24 Feb 2002, 09:02
no one on here has any idea how much we are losing when we no longer have hacks created for us by him. I was just helped for hours straight with him plugging away and helping me constantly. I could not have done it without his help. No way, no how.

Someone hacked into my database and took over everything. I lost control of the board. Lucky for us we were able to secure it before it got too out of hand, but either way I still did not have access anymore.

Will with a lot of time and patience nakkid got me back into my board, retake over the board, block the hacker, and even upgrade to the latest version of vbulletin at the same time. :)

I know he worked with me for over 5 hours tonight until we got it straight. I couldn't have done it without him. There were several others out there that helped as well, but I still don't know who they are otherwise I would thank them personally.

I know I have already posted in this thread once, but after the amount of time that was given to me, the scripts, and the patience that he had, I just had to post again.

Thank you so much for the help, I can never repay you enough.


24 Feb 2002, 09:06
PPN and FireFly. I'm glad we got it all working Jason. Good luck with your site.

27 Feb 2002, 04:20
I am sorry this happend this way but its your decision. *sigh*

27 Feb 2002, 20:32
Could you not have it so that the bbusername function is enabled only if the thread starter selects it to be?

02 Mar 2002, 00:15
cant you just stay with us, you have made one of the best hacks ever. that banner hack and other hacksm they all great, and ignore those @$$hole who try to make fun, if they are making ufn tell them to make a hack like it, i doubt that they can make one hack by themself.
hope you come back soon to us.

Saiyan XL
03 Mar 2002, 13:47
screw anyone who makes fun of nakkid, well in a different way, lol
nakkid man, if one person says something stupid, Why punish everyone for it? you should make a hack to block the user from downloading the hack you made, the person who insulted you!! I am by your side.. everyone should get a chance in life, no matter what!!!