View Full Version : Hockey Olympics

22 Feb 2002, 20:58
I know {bbusername} is a big fan of the Canadian team. Which one are you cheering for?

22 Feb 2002, 21:04
Just wait for the US to smoke Canada in the finals.

22 Feb 2002, 22:18
not that im really interested in the olympics but my team is Russia

22 Feb 2002, 23:52
russia will smoke us and canada will win overall :)

23 Feb 2002, 02:39
US 3 - Russia 2

Its on to Canada ... and to the GOLD!!!


23 Feb 2002, 03:18
PAYBACK for the Women!!!

23 Feb 2002, 03:41
not really trying to be offensive to the US fans, but I can't honestly say that I like the US team at all...especially Brett Hull, he brought the Dallas Stars down(last season, in my mind at least), just like he's doing w/ Detroit...so I think Canada's going to win....

25 Feb 2002, 18:25
GO CANADA!. Well as most of you have seen US got smoked bad.

Womens: 11 - 1
Mens: 5 - 2

After the game the ice right was packed big time. I broke my favourite blade :( but Canada won the gold :)