View Full Version : I am so humiliated

24 Feb 2002, 12:19
You won't believe what I just did... I just submitted a support ticket to ICQ Tech Support because I'm having troubles! :eek:

24 Feb 2002, 12:30
I had to do that once as well ;) Luckily I don't use ICQ any more (use Trillian instead) so I don't have to worry about their program messing things up and taking too many resources.

24 Feb 2002, 12:37
I tired Trillian as well before... but it was just too different. I guess it needs some getting used to... that's also why I don't use WinXP. So different.

24 Feb 2002, 13:06
i use windows messenger (less advertising spam) with windowsXP pro. all my scripts i run them from my pc (PHP 4.1.1 binaries installed).

Scott MacVicar
24 Feb 2002, 13:20
Trillian is super cool, they released 0.725 recently to combat the gay AOL block cause apparently its "hacking" into their network.

24 Feb 2002, 13:43
i got trilian but i dont use it cuz i cant figure out how to sort the icq list according to online status, like those who are online are at the top and below them are the n/a and then away and so on.

24 Feb 2002, 15:48
ICQ is so full of bugs and ads that it isn't worth using any more. Give Trillian another try Chen ;)

DjSap: There is a way because that's how mine is sorted. But I've got no idea how I did it :) Check the options section thoroughly and it'll probably be there somewhere.

24 Feb 2002, 20:03
I saw a book called Sam's Teach youtself ICQ in 24 hours


Mark Hensler
24 Feb 2002, 20:14
Linkage: Trillian (http://www.trillian.cc/)

I just downloaded it... going to install now. :)

25 Feb 2002, 09:12
Ack! Still no reply!

25 Feb 2002, 12:48
I heard of trillian two days ago. Will try it today

25 Feb 2002, 14:40
Great, got a reply. "Please uninstall ICQ and then re-install it ." :rolleyes:
Like I didn't do that for 3 times already.

The Realist
25 Feb 2002, 14:43
I would not bother emailing them, a total waist of time.

25 Feb 2002, 18:28
I would use trillian but you can't send or recieve files on ICQ

27 Feb 2002, 07:32
I think you can with the latest version? Not certain.

I actually had to send a support ticket to Ikonboard the other day :o
I was working on the new official Ikonboard 3.01 -> vBulletin 2.2.2 converter, and I somehow managed to break my iB test board so that whenever I visited it, it told me I wasn't allowed to access the board. Including the admin cp ;)

27 Feb 2002, 18:54
i tried using trillion but i find it hard to use and so different to MSN messanger, although there are loads of new features i don't like the change.

Palmer ofShinra
27 Feb 2002, 19:07
I use Trillian for MSN, Yahoo and ICQ now...

Especially ICQ... ugh is it a piece of ****... almost makes me want to go back to v1.11111 (the win3.1 version)

But yeah... ICQ = garbage. It used to be the best... but now it's nowhere close.

27 Feb 2002, 19:18
I used to scratch my head whenever I tried to use any of the IMs but I have to say that Trillian has definitely made things far easier.