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24 Feb 2002, 14:29
It's "millennium" with two "n"s. :) D'oh, can someone move this?

24 Feb 2002, 14:31
You mean in this forum? Where do we have that word? :)

24 Feb 2002, 14:32
The drop down for number of days on the forum display -- 10/20/30/etc -- the last is "millenium."

24 Feb 2002, 14:35
I'm sorry but my dictionary says both are applicable. :p

24 Feb 2002, 14:36
Well, what dictionary are you using? Dictionary.com says one "n" is incorrect...as does Babylon's dictionary. My mom's also, as it happens, a professional proofreader, and has ranted at least once on the word. :D I think any dictionary that lists it as acceptable is merely taking into the account that such a vast number of people misspell it.

24 Feb 2002, 14:46
*gives up* :p :)

Oh and it's actually Babylon's dictionary that accepts millenium.

24 Feb 2002, 14:47

24 Feb 2002, 14:55
Yes, that's roughly the same screen I got. You'll notice it's not using the word in the same sense at all. There's only a Hebrew translation and one from a Christian dictionary which refers to God, and not to a length of 1,000 years. So, when in doubt, I look to the person who does it for a living that I'm fortunate enough to know, as well as another online dictionary...and both say it's wrong. :)

Furthermore, the Official Miriam-Webster (http://www.m-w.com) site does not recognize it as a valid spelling.

Hey, do what you want. It's definitely misspelled, though. Perhaps in time it'll be added as an alternate spelling -- that wouldn't surprise me.

24 Feb 2002, 15:03
I fixed it, don't worry. :D

24 Feb 2002, 15:04
Gracias. :)

24 Feb 2002, 15:19
Originally posted by FireFly
I'm sorry but my dictionary says both are applicable. :p lol.. i make all the time mistakes like that ;)