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24 Feb 2002, 21:47
hey every1, i have been trying to do something for months which sorta fits in the vbulletin and my own coding.

I have made my own login screen which successfully logs you into the forum but when u enter your user/pass to login and u click the button login then another page loads saying: thank you for logging in, username. you are being forwarded to the forum. then it takes you to the forum, well i want to be able to divert to a different page of my choice and not the forum homepage!!!

Or i could make a new page from scratch and make it successfully login! but i don't know how to! if you do not understand go to: http://www.samplecity.net and login as user: future_wave, pass: 12986 and you will see how they have got the user to login and divert to a different page.
so basically i want my site to have the exact same login sequence as that samplecity above

i need help, can anyone offer it i would be really greatful!

ty :pirate: :stupid:

Steve Machol
24 Feb 2002, 22:54
Please don't double-post.