View Full Version : Want to scare the pants off your users? (joke)

24 Feb 2002, 23:02
Add a message similar to this, to your boards:


I just found this, and omg, it's so cute. Make sure you turn your speakers on, as it plays a pretty big role in the 'cuteness' factor (for lack of a better word ). The sound is kinda low, so you might wanna put your volume up kinda high, but you don't have to.


I don't ordinally think things are cute, but this was sooo amazing.


I literally jumped out of my seat the first time I saw it.

Working demo w/ user comments: http://www.teenagedweb.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=110&perpage=15&display=&pagenumber=1

24 Feb 2002, 23:23
holly cowwww.. i jumped 3feet on the air!!!!!!

25 Feb 2002, 00:06
Seen somethin similar to that before...I like that, it's funny :)

25 Feb 2002, 11:08
haha :D

25 Feb 2002, 23:51
omg! holy crap!
that scared the hell outta me!!
*runs off to try it on his friends* :)

26 Feb 2002, 23:20
lol, that was good my friend:)

if you come across any other good links, don't be shy to post them

27 Feb 2002, 04:38
very cool i posted it on my board

27 Feb 2002, 13:25
holy crap! freaky!

Palmer ofShinra
27 Feb 2002, 18:43
We get a LOT of these at our board...

Thats the 5th one in 3 months.

01 Mar 2002, 02:10
jeez i had to have my surround sound speakers on max >_< lol

*put the main speakers low*
*forgot the surround sound ^^;;*

01 Mar 2002, 06:51
LMAO that is the funnies thing ever. i showed my little brother it and he nearly took a fit! LOL!