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25 Feb 2002, 20:15
Yes, I started this thread over at vb.com as well. Thought if I posted here as well it might get the attention of people who only visit vb.org ;)

Third Watch Networks was founded in January of 2002 and has since then gotten nothing done due to the lack of time the current two people involved have had. I, am just now getting some time and am able to get things going. My partner in this doesn't have as much time as he'd like right now. So I'm looking for another person to join in with me. Not as a replacement for the other guy, as he is still involved, just as another "helper" or "employee" or what-have you. The company is focused on web design, computer consulting, and custom computer building. If you are interested in this, you can email me at radon3k@thessp.net or contact me via AIM: Radon3k, MSN: radon3k@hotmail.com or post here.

I'm not trying to "spam" this, just thought I'd post it here for the people who don't get a chance to go over to vb.com as much ;)

25 Feb 2002, 20:30
Forgot to mention that this is a paying position based on company profit. Split evenally according to who did the most work and so on and so forth...;)