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03 Mar 2002, 19:44
Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on the technical aspect of this forum, its by far the best looking VBulletin Board I've seen. Images are sharp and the features are great.

Originally posted by FireFly
Moderators do exactly as their name imply - moderate the forums.
And if the hacker can't provide support, well... too bad. Instead of crying over it you should be thankful the hacker even took the time to make the hack, let alone release it here instead of keeping it to himself, like some do (and I can't blame 'em). If you want you can always learn PHP and MySQL and create your own hacks, that way you won't even need support.

Sorry if I sound harsh or anything but I'm pretty sick of people think that a person doesn't have a life and owe them something, and the biggest concern is to deliver support to people who can't even say thank you.

I'm sorry but that's how I feel sometimes.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Firefly for his assistance he gave me on fixing (or trying to fix :D) some problems I had on my forum... its much appreciated. I'd also suggest though, that you should employ some 'Technical Moderators' who's job is to help people out with technical problems... I think that is the only thing lacking from here...

Good work fellahs...


03 Mar 2002, 23:32
most of the mods have a good PHP knowledge. as was said before, the hack is author's resonsability. however, i saw FireFly and PPN helping people all the time with various hacks problems.

if you are patient and respectful, you will always get help. this worked for me all the time.


04 Mar 2002, 12:15
I try and provide help whenever I can, but sometimes it's just impossible. No one can support everything other people write, for many many reasons. First, he didn't write it -- he'll need to spend quite some time to understand how it works and all. Secondly, some of the hacks are poorly written (no offence to anyone of course), which makes it even harder to support them.

It's different on vBulletin.com because we all provide support for vBulletin, and we know everything about it inside out. This is also the reason we moved the hacks to this place. :)