View Full Version : What hack is this?

16 Mar 2002, 20:47
What hack do you have installed that turns the url into


instead of what I get on my forum which is


I seen this on DBForums and came here to find the hack and notice you use it also, but, of the 2 spider friendly hacks neither seems to be the one. Is this the beta hack only being tested by a few sites?
Just to add this really added speed to the site. Everything loads much faster.


16 Mar 2002, 21:05
I think ti's some php optimization software IMO.

17 Mar 2002, 05:26
It's one of the search engine friendly hacks, I'm quite positive.

17 Mar 2002, 10:39
This one is by afterlab I think.

18 Mar 2002, 15:18
fastforward Chen ;)

18 Mar 2002, 15:51
Agh I always get confused...

18 Mar 2002, 19:58
Thanks. After a little more searching I found it. However I get 400 bad request errors and can't parse regex errors showing in the log. I'll play with it when I get more time and see if I can find out what's wrong.

Wayne Luke
18 Mar 2002, 21:39
I would just like to say that it really screws up the Forum JumpBox and practically makes the site unusable. Hope you get it fixed soon because if all I am going to get is 404 errors, why bother visiting.

19 Mar 2002, 18:35
Wayne, forum jump isn't broken, check out eva's site ;)

Wayne Luke
22 Mar 2002, 23:15
Hmm... I am constantly getting 404 errors on this site since the change was implemented. Have to go back to the front page to select a new forum.

23 Mar 2002, 08:07
Actually the hack was removed 4 days ago so everything is back to normal.

Wayne Luke
25 Mar 2002, 05:42
Oh.. I didn't know that since the 22nd was the first time I had visited since my previous post.