View Full Version : Portals and vB ??

23 Mar 2002, 02:15
I am seriously considering building some portal / cms software that would integrate nicely with vB. But I would hate to build when I can filch instead.

I did some stuff with PHPNuke a while back (last summer), but thought its structure was a bit cumbersome and QC and management of releases really sucked. Besides that, it tied into phpBB, which is just not the same as vB.

Can anyone point me to previously developed portals or CMS systems that integrate with vBulletin? Free or moderately priced is best.

Steve Machol
23 Mar 2002, 03:59
In case you didn't know, the vB devleopers have let it leak that there will be a CMS module for vB 3.0. Pricing hasn't been determined yet, but it may be something to consider.

23 Mar 2002, 05:01
I saw a couple of references on the vB member board about 3.0, but could not find ANY clues as to what features it might contain or when it was coming. Is there a thread somewhere I can reference?

Steve Machol
23 Mar 2002, 15:47
Here's one. There may be more but you'll need to search for them: