View Full Version : Can anyone tell me what this means?

23 Mar 2002, 18:08
Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx-bo/public_html/admin/sessions.php:399) in /home/xxx-bo/public_html/admin/global.php on line 138

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx-bo/public_html/admin/sessions.php:399) in /home/xxx-bo/public_html/admin/global.php on line 164

Hang on a sec

I'm getting this message everytime I try and log into the control panel. I get this and then it brings me straight back to the login page.
I have version 2.2.0 if that makes a difference...

23 Mar 2002, 18:51
What's line 399 of sessions.php and lines 138 / 164 in admin/global.php?

23 Mar 2002, 19:36
Well, I tried counting the lines and this is what I came up with ... hope they are right (I'm putting the lines before and after too as the line alone didn't make sense to me). There must be an easier way to find the lines, but I don't know it.

What's line 399 of sessions.php

($showforumusers,",inforum='0' ","")." WHERE userid='$bbuserinfo[userid]'");
} else {

and lines 138 / 164 in admin/global.php?

$getperms=$DB_site->query_first("SELECT cancontrolpanel FROM user,usergroup WHERE user.usergroupid=usergroup.usergroupid AND user.userid='$bbuserinfo[userid]'");
if ($getperms[cancontrolpanel]!=1) {

if ($bbuserinfo[userid]!=0 and $loginusername and !$createanonsession) {
} else {
if ($bbuserinfo[userid]==0) {

if ($debug!=1) {
// check for files existance. Potential security risks!
if (file_exists("install.php")==1) {
echo "<html><body><p>Security alert! install.php still remains in the admin directory. This poses a security risk, so please delete that file immediately. You cannot access the control panel until you do.</p></body></html>";

There is no install.php in the admin directory ...

28 Mar 2002, 03:34
Hellooooo! I still can't get into my CPanel! Help!!

Mark Hensler
28 Mar 2002, 06:54
This line looks like a parse error to me:
($showforumusers,",inforum='0' ","")." WHERE userid='$bbuserinfo[userid]'");

Have you tried installing any hacks? There should be no errors with the default installation.

28 Mar 2002, 15:36
Yes, tried to install the security id hack but took it out. Can you tell me how to fix the line? Don't have a copy of the original installation file (I know, I know) ... tho we do have a copy of a later version ... would it be the same?

Thanks for your help!

And whats a parse error? Newbie here!!

Mark Hensler
28 Mar 2002, 19:21
How do you not have a copy of the original?

28 Mar 2002, 19:44
download from the members area a new copy of software and there you will have the original files.
also download a program like UltraEdit or EditPlus to view the php files.. counting the lines manually could get you insane. ;)

also i cannot access your website? what VB version you run?


29 Mar 2002, 04:26
The version we are using is 2.2.0 ... won't we get the latest version by downloading? When you upgrade do you lose the hacks and styles you put in?

Thanks for the info on counting the lines - it IS driving me insane!

We didn't make a back-up of the file before putting the tiny hack in so don't have the original file pre-hack.

29 Mar 2002, 08:24
Upgrade destroys your hacks, but doesn't touch ANY custom templates you have.