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31 Mar 2002, 11:56
As this seems the place of some real good coders i was wondering if anyone was able to create a php/mysql system for us.

We are looking for a type of software to create a profile for the models when they signup automatically at our site.

Bit like the software they use on http://www.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=9934

I am not particullary hot on cold fusion, prefer php mysql to be honest.

our current sign up form is available here.


we would like the option also of a picture upload via a browse local hard drive button, within the application form.

and allow the models to be able to edit there own profiles ie. by username and password to be able to change the options they have set, and change the picture from time to time.

Each profile to be given a unique number, so guests can veiw the profile but not change it.

Will eventually be run on the same server as a vbulletin installation we are trialling.

anyone who feels they can create such a system. please drop me a message via email or reply here and we can discuss a time scale / price.


31 Mar 2002, 16:01
I could do that.. check your email.
It would take me about a day or so.
We better discuss the price :smoke:

31 Mar 2002, 17:20
Email me at chen.avinadav@vbulletin.com if this is still relevant. :)