View Full Version : Complete design needed - Free Hosting package on offer.

31 Mar 2002, 16:33

I'm looking for someone (or a group of people that can work together and share hosting package) that have skills in vBulletin, vbPortal, html & graphics.

Why !!!

I've got 500mb's going spare to produce a site dedicated to online Gamers (combat style, CFS3, Red Faction etc). Site Name & domain is combathq.net (Combat HQ)

My idea would be to have vBulletin intergrated with vbPortal to provide the front end and forum functions of the site, with html pages depicting the games supported on the site. Of course there will be a requirement to include a number of hacks that are currently available here.

If you have the skills and can spare the time PM me please. There will be a need for ongoing assistance with full credit to those that help.

If you can create the complete solution (vb & vbPortal, html pages and graphics) There is a free 500mb Hosting account waiting for you, see Plan F on www.webzac.net (tos apply)
Needless to say for this sort of offer your going to need to provide some examples of your work.
Hosting will be freely provided for 6 months (open for discussion depending on commitment to project) and ongoing support for design.

If you have question, post reply here. For offers please PM or E-Mail me. Depending on reply I'll sort though the interested replies and a final post will be placed here when offer is closed.

02 Apr 2002, 19:42
What no one interested !?

03 Apr 2002, 07:31
Originally posted by Dave-G
What no one interested !?

Probably because your requesting a HUGE amount of work for a teeny tiny reward.

6 months of hosting? Bah try again dude.

I saw the plan. 28 dollars a month. 28x6 equals $168.

Basically you want someone to design your entire site for you...with VBportal, graphics, hacks, "ongoing assistance" etc. for 168 dollars.

I would estimate that it would take someone at least 50 hours to do a decent job on this. 50 divided by $168 comes out to 3 dollars and 36 cents an hour.

MMMMM sounds tempting!!

03 Apr 2002, 17:23
Well Thanks - Visionray for your reply!

The offer was for customizing the vB & vbP not installing, and the graphics as far as I know are only the header and style. And including a few hacks that are available here at vb.org If this sounded like "a HUGE" amount of work then I mis-understood what's involved.

But if you noticed I said "Hosting will be freely provided for 6 months (open for discussion depending on commitment to project)" Meaning its open for discussion!

Maybe I've worded the orginal request badly, so to clarify what I'm looking for is;

vbulletin & vbPortal Customized and to include a header graphic. New style applied topic related.

Now if I knew how to do these things I would also know how much time is involved, again this brings me back to "open for discussion"

Hope that clears things up (a little), we all have to start somewhere ;)