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02 Apr 2002, 00:44
I have the smartftp program and when i get hacks......it says like...go into showthread.php

i see that in my porgram and when i double click it...nating happens...how do i get into it where all the codes are and i can add ish...threw my program


02 Apr 2002, 05:37
Open the file in notepad.

02 Apr 2002, 11:20
Ok...im in notepad...Now whatn do i do i went to the smartftp file in program files on my computer...But there isnt any of the files i saw in the acul program and the ones i need......all there is are sounds and basckrounds

08 Apr 2002, 06:09
Oh dear.
Well you have to download the .php file first.
Open Smartftp, connect to your FTP server.
Go to your Vb Dir, select the file you want, and drag and drop it to your desktop, or you can right click ---->Download, and the specify a directory :)
Then open the files in Notepad from where ever you download the file to. And then it's pretty straight forward to edit the file, just follow the instructions to the point.
Once you've edited it, open up smart ftp, this time drag and drop the newly saved file (the one you just edited) to your FTP server, overwriteing the older .php file. :)