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02 Apr 2002, 15:05
I have on my site homepage a section where it displays the next episode of "Dark Angel" that is going to air, along with the time and a link to the episodes info in the episode guide.

The problem is that its stored on a US server, and I want to make it so that the time is offset by 5 hours so that the next episode shows up as soon as the current one is over. So with Dark Angel finishing at 10PM over here, at 10PM I want it to switch to the next episode in the table, rather than switching at 2am when its 10PM in the US.

I managed to do this before somewhere but I deleted the damn file the other day and all I remember is I used DATE_ADD() to add on the offset amount of hours to the time so that it would change at the right time.

"SELECT *, DATE_FORMAT(start,'%b-%d-%Y') as startdate, TIME_FORMAT(start,'%h:%i %p') as starttime, DATE_ADD(start, INTERVAL 5 HOUR) FROM ep_airdates WHERE ((stationID='1') AND (start > NOW())) ORDER BY start ASC LIMIT 1"

That is the SQL where start is the start date and time (DATETIME)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please :(


02 Apr 2002, 20:59
Anyone? :( Sorry to press its just its the one problem that needs ironing out before I can open the site.

Mark Hensler
02 Apr 2002, 21:03
put the DATE_ADD in the WHERE clause, not the SELECT clause

03 Apr 2002, 03:01
THANK YOU! :D Works perfectly now :)