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03 Apr 2002, 10:34
The toplist hack allows people to add their sites to your toplist and send traffic to your site, in return you will send traffic to them.

This toplist script is pretty simple but it does the work, it has a cheat protection where it doesn't allow one ip to vote more then once a day on a certain site. It is completly template driven and will blend in with your vb design.

The installation is simple and the zip file contains install.txt where you will find instructions.

please post bugs/comments/suggestions here.

03 Apr 2002, 12:41
Dynamic IP can be a problem,
why not let a 'username/id' only vote once? Instead of an IP, since you say that the user has to be registered?

03 Apr 2002, 12:54
the user has to be registered to sign up on the toplist, if the people vote from the persons site then you cannot be sure that they are signed up on your site.

03 Apr 2002, 13:24

Have you got an example URL and some screen shots please?


03 Apr 2002, 13:59
here is a screen of the toplist itself, this uses the default vd style.

03 Apr 2002, 15:19
It says to run the queries in topsite.sql.

Do I run that into the vBulletin database, or do I need to put that in another database?

03 Apr 2002, 15:22
use the same db as vbulletin

03 Apr 2002, 15:43
Pretty cool hack, i'm gonna install this one later. Thanks.

03 Apr 2002, 17:55
Very nice hack man. But I have to agree with xiphoid. I might install with... but I have In-Link :p

03 Apr 2002, 18:10
I'll install it later too....GREAT HACK

03 Apr 2002, 18:18
im working on adding a rate site thingy right now, does anybody have any more suggestions?

Bald Bouncer
03 Apr 2002, 18:57
anyone got any idea why I cant run the query, using phpadmin and its saying no SQL to run??

03 Apr 2002, 21:07
i only tested the file with phpMyAdmin, phpadmin might use a diffrent system, try copying all content from toplist.sql and paste it into the query box and run it.

04 Apr 2002, 03:27
I suggest letting them have buttons (didn't see any on the preview)

04 Apr 2002, 04:01
Originally posted by Shroomboy
I suggest letting them have buttons (didn't see any on the preview)
i think the top 3 should be able to have buttons

04 Apr 2002, 06:37
works nice on 2.21. Installed took 30 seconds. Just a query and created a link.

04 Apr 2002, 18:22
after install... get a blank page with only this in the source:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"></HEAD>


04 Apr 2002, 21:17
well what page did u go to? toplists.php or toplists.sql and you hvae to run the toplists.sql to make the tables... if u have PHPMyAdmin use that... oh and suggestions on the hack
1. Your site had a button with numbers on it...
2. You show that sitesbutton
3. The limit for description is longer then is (can't see where to change)
4. make more like a topsite that other sites have...
5. Make it have a choice of wheather only members of the forums can join or if anyone can...

04 Apr 2002, 23:50
yup..made the tables. Been a while since i tried to call a .sql from a browser :)

06 Apr 2002, 03:35
Works great, nice addition..........


07 Apr 2002, 16:32
Bug? Seems that if there are mutiple template sets, the templates are not created ... if anyone cares about this hack anymore.... :)

07 Apr 2002, 17:50

Modify it so that "Your Bulletin Board > Top List" links are at the top? That way users can click that instead of keep clicking "Back" to get back to the forum.

In Template toplist_menu

Before this:

<normalfont><a href=toplist.php?s=$session[sessionhash]>Toplist</a> | <a href=toplist.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=add>Add Site</a> | <a href=toplist.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=edit>Edit Site</a></normalfont>

Add this:

<table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="100%" valign="top">
<img src="{ imagesfolder}/vb_bullet.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle"><normalfont><b><a href="index.php?s=$session[sessionhash]">$bbtitle</a> &gt; Top Sites</normalfont></b>

Remove the space between { and imagesfolder.

07 Apr 2002, 18:10
Made all the templates by hand... works fine. Can't actually say that the possible bug I reported is correct, I removed all of the "experimental" templates, leaving only one, then reinstalled, it still didn't make the templates (yes, ran the queries again).

Go figure..

07 Apr 2002, 22:54
Could someone explain "Run the queries in toplist.sql" a little better, for a not-so-sql-literate person? Thank you :D

08 Apr 2002, 01:57
go to phpmyadmin and run toplist.sql

10 Apr 2002, 08:17
why I get a blank page?

11 Apr 2002, 06:21
anyone please?

12 Apr 2002, 14:00
Check to see if the install program made the templates as it's supposed to. It didn't on my site, I had to make them manually. You can do that by opening the install file, you'll see the templates there.

12 Apr 2002, 14:11
well i found that there is a problem if you got many diffrent template sets, cuz the install file only adds the toplist templates to the default template set, the rest you have to do by hand or change the mysql query.

13 Apr 2002, 06:10
can you please list in here, or please pm me about it? I don't get it..

16 Apr 2002, 07:05
can anyone please post the templets out?

16 Apr 2002, 07:54
Well this sql query should work on boards with many style sets.

To make this little thingie work you have to open template.php and around line 332 you will find this:

$only['calendar'] = 'Calendar';

Above it place

$only['toplist'] = 'Toplist';

17 Apr 2002, 06:17
look please.
same it is a blank page..

17 Apr 2002, 21:14
nice hack, im gonna use it but editing it a little so it uses your vbulletin account and pass to check if your an admin, if your an admin youll have access to the admin options instead of using the password varible so every admin on the forum, and other usergroups you give permission can access the admin section and instead og logging ip im changing it so it logs the users id so they must sign up on your forums first to rate.

19 Apr 2002, 00:43
Originally posted by mewgood
look please.
same it is a blank page..
anyoe can help me out?

19 Apr 2002, 06:29
Ill be releasing a toplist edit shortly, i made some improvments and modifications to it, it will be as a toplist.hack file and a text file for those who dont have vbhacker.

The toplist will looks like this:

Site Name Added by username
[vote for this site]

and after a in and out will be vote so people can vote for the site

and if your a admin at the left will be a link [edit] [delete]

Admins will be able to edit the in and out count, the url, site name,sit name and description and be able to delete it, and a list all ability to see all the sites listed.

Im also gonna add a toplist section in the forum options so you can set the max sites to list, if users can post more then one site, if if you want the members to be registered to be able to vote, if not it uses ip detection, same for the in count.

19 Apr 2002, 07:46
i got a rating thing done but im too lazy to rls an updated version, its better if you include it in your rls, hit me up on icq and ill give you the file additions.

19 Apr 2002, 08:26
Heres what i have so far for the top list, i removed and edited some of the scripted, only admins can see the edit and remove links at the bottom of the site info, its a new template so if you want you could make them images

19 Apr 2002, 08:26
Heres what the admin edit looks like

19 Apr 2002, 08:28
Im gonna add voting next, members will be able to vote for a site once, im also adding some other modifications too, ill keep you inform

eXtreme Tim
21 Apr 2002, 21:45
i have whipped up my own version of it. I plan to make a cp thing latter on.

21 Apr 2002, 23:01
Heres my current one, i added better checking and only admins can see the edit and delete links, and you can only vote for the site if your a member on the forums and i fixed up the code quite a bit

21 Apr 2002, 23:02
heres the admin edit

21 Apr 2002, 23:04
heres the drop down menu i added to show a number of sites

21 Apr 2002, 23:07
heres how the color changes when you move the mouse over it and the url that the link goes to apears in your broswer message bar at the buttom

21 Apr 2002, 23:10
i have it so a site can also have an option to add a small button image if they want to show on the toplist

eXtreme Tim
22 Apr 2002, 02:46
Mine has daily hits in and out and total hits in and out. I plan to add in that image column on mine with it set to size the images to 100 x 50 or so. Can i get the code your using for it to do the links like that for edit and delete so i don't have to make them myself.

22 Apr 2002, 03:39
can anyone help me?
I need templets.......

23 Apr 2002, 13:14
heres my toplist file, DO NOT PLACE IT OVER YOUR OLD ONE, youll get an error because you dont have the templates and query's, im just posting to for those who wannna see the code, when im finished ill post every thing up.

23 Apr 2002, 19:35
Very good hack !

But he doesn't work on my board !

Does he don't work because my version of phpmyadmin is on this number : 2.2.0pre5 ???

Because I have being the install a lot of time and it continues to desn't work... :( :( :( :( :(

Sorry for my english, i'm french.

24 Apr 2002, 03:04
Originally posted by Corbu
Very good hack !

But he doesn't work on my board !

Does he don't work because my version of phpmyadmin is on this number : 2.2.0pre5 ???

Because I have being the install a lot of time and it continues to desn't work... :( :( :( :( :(

Sorry for my english, i'm french.

wait till my finished version is out, it should work then

24 Apr 2002, 04:25
Slynderdale, can you add 'unique hits' & 'total hits' please?

24 Apr 2002, 06:53
Originally posted by MHR
Slynderdale, can you add 'unique hits' & 'total hits' please?

good idea, ill add it

24 Apr 2002, 07:08
and maybe a 'Trend' that tells a site have move up / down or unchanged. :D

24 Apr 2002, 16:58
Originally posted by Slynderdale

wait till my finished version is out, it should work then

I cant wait man!...I'mma hold off installing till your done

25 Apr 2002, 00:59
Originally posted by Hot Dogg

I cant wait man!...I'mma hold off installing till your done

Ill finish it today for every one

25 Apr 2002, 22:40

26 Apr 2002, 10:09
Is this hack still in Beta mode?

26 Apr 2002, 20:43
Originally posted by Slynderdale

Ill finish it today for every one

ok man that was yesterday! hows it coming along! I hope you have it up today I wanna add a few hacks tonight

27 Apr 2002, 01:10
sorry, been a little busy past couple days, its completed, i added banner support to and when you click on the banner or button on the page it brings a small window that gives you a code on how to add the benner or button to your site, ill write up the instructions now

27 Apr 2002, 18:08
thanks mate :D cant wait

28 Apr 2002, 12:58
yes i cant wait neither where is it mani am waiting all day for this one.

30 Apr 2002, 01:02
whats goin on man! Are you still gonna post it?

30 Apr 2002, 05:49
Sorry i just moved a couple days ago and my cable modem dont work here so i have to use aol dial up till the cable company comes and i can only be on aol for around 5 minutes a day, sorry, thats whats taking so long

01 May 2002, 15:05
For those that have VBPortal Installed I did a similar hack awhile back at PHPPortals.com http://www.phpportals.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3680

Go here to check out a working version.

01 May 2002, 15:23
I finished my toplist hack, thank you djsap for the original toplist and giving me the idea to make my own, it has alot of stuff, banner and button support, today and total ins and out, members must be signed up to vote and alot more, go here to see it:


16 May 2002, 23:37
Can someone please tell me the SQL query to run to remove this entirely from my database?

18 May 2002, 16:05
Anyone, pleeeeease? LOL

21 May 2002, 12:16
OK many thanks to TWTCommish and FireFly for supplying me with the info I needed to remove the Toplist hack from my database. For everyone else who might want to do the same, here is the query you need to run on your database.

DROP TABLE toplist_hitsin;
DROP TABLE toplist_settings;
DROP TABLE toplist_sites;
DELETE FROM template WHERE title IN ('toplist_menu','toplist_addsite','toplist_redirect_add','toplist_error_allfield s','toplist_editsite_nosites','toplist_editsite','toplist_redirect_delete','topl ist_redirect_edit','toplist_editsitebit','toplist','toplistbit','toplistbit_admi n_nosites','toplist_adminbit')

Hope this helps some of you like it helped me. :)

26 Feb 2003, 04:00
Very cool hack.... Thanks for you work on it.

05 Mar 2003, 16:05
ok, question.

I just installed this and I wonder why when I click on the banner it send me to a page with my banner code?

how do I make it so that the banner sends people to the site?



24 Jun 2003, 02:35
Hmm... I am having a little problem with this hack. Though I though It was really easy to install. I did everythign in the instructions still it doesn't show the topsitelist it shows a blank page? http://www.ani-community.net/toplist.php can anyone help ?