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05 Apr 2002, 17:08

Does anybody know if it is possible to import all the post from my old forum into VBull. Not bothered about the members as I didn't let them register - just post as guests ...

My old forum is from DC Scripts and is DCF2000.

Any help would be appreciated, so thanks in advance!

08 Apr 2002, 04:34
you clearly don't want me to buy this then ...

08 Apr 2002, 14:39
Nope, there are no DCForums importers at the moment. Sorry. :)

08 Apr 2002, 14:45
So that means I can't use your Forum? Will this be addressed?

08 Apr 2002, 14:59
A developer is constantly working on new importers for vBulletin, but I really don't know how his to-do list looks like so I can't tell how long it will take, or if it will be done.

You can use our forum but currently can't import your current posts.
How about closing down your current forum, and use a fresh vBulletin forum instead? That way you can keep your old forum as an archive. :)

26 Apr 2002, 20:38
you could do a manual (and dirty) database port, right? To keep the threads? I don't know either boards db schema, so I'm not sure.