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12 Apr 2002, 23:34
I currently started Evolutionary Concepts (http://www.evolutionaryconcepts.com). Its got all the usual stuff on it, chat, message board, and content. The only problem is, I am wanting to change the whole site over to php. There isnt too much there right now but It soon expand.

My question is where/what do I need to do or who to talk to about getting this idea rolling. I have read a few books on php but I dont really understand the whole concept enough. Basically this is what the site will consist of as far as the php goes.

main page
sidebars with links to members of E-C, chatroom, forums...etc.
a quick messaging box for users on the forum on homepage. using YIM AOL or ICQ or MSN if possible.
from within the members of EC section it needs to show the current members links to profiles and ability for members to edit their own profile and upload pics to it.
right sidebar on homepage consisting of lastest news from forum, showing who is online on the forum, in the chat, and in the member area of the actual website.
The color scheme of the site(graphics, buttons,logo,colors,fonts) needs to be the same in the forums as well as the main site together.

Those are basically the basic things as of right now. There are more complex things other than the above but I dont want to get into that right now. So anyway, if anyone has any ideas or knows enough about php developement to help, it will be much appreciated.

thanks, and have a wonderful day.

13 Apr 2002, 05:07
How much are you willing to pay for this kind of job?

13 Apr 2002, 06:08
well, depending on how many people will be working on it, what actually will be involved, and who does what. I am not sure. Are you interested?? If so email me or just reply here...thats fine.

14 Apr 2002, 01:10
Well I will think about it I have a few things to do right now.